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My Successes. My Mistakes. Practical Business.
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Business Science

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Business Practice

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Business Magic

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Welcome to Practical Business

This is my site as I reflect on running my business, share my successes and failures, and offer advice.If you run your own business then please join with me and hopefully you can learn from my experience and knowledge. Feel free to contribute and hopefully I can learn from yours.

History teaches us that no-one learns from history.

This site covers many aspects of running a small (and large) business. Some of the information is tried and true, while some blogs are me thinking through an issue. Some information is universal, while some won’t be for you.

But I promise you this, if you are running a small business, there will be gems here for you.


Tips for a job interview

The fundamental Understand what the job is, the qualities required, and the culture of the company. Everything else flows from this. For exa...

Breakthrough Advertising summary

A comprehensive overview of Breakthrough Advertising.

Rotten Food Cookbook Video

The Rotten Food Cookbook video highlights why the book was first written, and how one dish can change your entire reputation.

7 Lessons From My First News Appearance

We were recently featured on 7News nationwide. Here's 7 tips you need to know to maximise your success when your business is featured on TV.

Netball’s Folly That Pervades Businesses

There's a major problem in netball, and surprisingly this same problem occurs in business also. We show you what it is, and how to fix it.

7 Tips for Fiverr Success

Fiverr is a great platform to get jobs done quickly, but, you get what you pay for! Here's 7 practical tips to get the most out of your $5.

90 Day Action Plan – Q2 2015

What is a 90 Day Action Plan? Good question. The full answer is in my 90 day action plan explained blog. This quarter’s projects Video...

90 Day Action Plan – Explained

Dale Beaumont’s 90 Day Action Plan In a previous blog I did a review of Business Blueprint by Dale Beaumont. As part of each quarterly...

Instagram for businesses

The concept of using Instagram for businesses initially struck me as odd. In fact I am still struggling with how my own business could make...

Keeping business relevance

Business relevance While there is great debate as to how to make a successful company, a key part is being relevant to your customers. Rober...

DIY VOIP Experience

My DIY VOIP experience As an electrical engineer with years of computer experience, how hard could it be to buy a couple of VOIP phones and...

Call to action tips

It’s not all about SEO There is so much focus on Search Engine Optimisation that we lose sight of what it really is about. We fixate o...

Advantages of VOIP

If you are starting a new business, or even looking at how to run an existing business more efficiently, then consider VOIP. Advantages of V...

Search Engine Marketing versus Traditional Marketing

Infographic created with love by Magicdust, a web design and online marketing Company. Click to visit the original post: Search Engine Marke...

Shareholder Agreement Considerations

Shareholder Agreement Considerations If you are setting up a company with one or more other share holders then you need to work through all...

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