Dick Smith Batteries are really cutting corners

I’m probably a traditionalist and I expect to receive what I pay for. So a photo like this

Dick Smith Batteries

to me implies…batteries.

So why is it in the specs at http://www.dicksmith.com.au/batteries/dick-smith-aaa-alkaline-battery-30pk-dsau-s4041 we clearly see:


Battery NotI ncluded

So in the 30-pack of Dick Smith Batteries the batteries aren’t included. So does that mean I have to go out and buy 30 batteries (battery quantity) or does the battery required = no mean that it’s ok that I don’t have batteries.

Damn these spec sheets are so hard to understand.

But would you really want to use them anyway?

It turns out that these probably aren’t the best batteries anyway. Looking further at the specifications I find:

Easy Installation

Wow, AAA batteries that are difficult to install. Just as well these guys don’t work at Ikea.

Lessons learnt

At this stage I would have to say there are a couple of simple lessons…

Don’t use a standard template for everything

It’s obviously a template checklist. Most of the options don’t apply. In fact, almost all of them don’t apply. It’s a waste of space, and a waste of the reader’s time.

Some viewers have a longer attention span than you

Obviously the person filling in the template in the first place tuned out very quickly and skipped to the end. Pity they missed some of the questions.

So it probably pays to check what you do. Having said that, we made posters and we stared at them for ages looking for mistakes. What’s frightening is we missed a big huge error.

Some people delight in other people’s mistakes

Like me!!!