The Landing Page

I have a landing page ( that had a lot of information on it. Most of it was features and benefits, but it was a lot to take in. So the ideal solution was a video.

I was contemplating doing it myself for the experience, but I don’t have the time. It was a good time to experiment.

Fiverr Voiceover

My first attempt was to have a voice over done, with the aim to have a custom animation made.

What is great about Fiverr is that you can find someone almost anywhere that is prepared to do the local accent. I already have one for a US based web site with a US voice.

For an Australian web site, however, I could not afford to have an American accent. It works in some cases, but overall people want to buy from a local.

And if an American did stumble upon my site they would probably love it because of the funny accent.

Fiverr Video

I asked two people to do the voice-over. ¬†One of them also did videos and asked me if I wanted a video or just voice. I was away for a day and didn’t reply in time, so I ended up with a video.

That suited me perfectly. I now have an animated video in production, and a live video. It is obviously the live video you see at the top of the post.

The total price was US$110. That, to me, is incredible value.

Ongoing work

I now have a face for the company. I have already asked for a 1:10 video version for my Facebook ad. Next I will have a pharmacy version made.

Over the next month I will have a number of videos created.

Fiverr Secrets

The reality is that there are some brilliant deals to be made on Fiverr, but there are also many sharks. The sharks will breech copyright laws, plagiarise content, produce substandard results, and generally give you what you have paid for.

And then there are the gems. Those people who give far more than you could ever hope for.

So what’s the secret to finding the gems?

Spend small, spend freely, spend smartly.

By this, I mean ¬†invest small amounts but don’t expect a great return. If you think of it as giving money away then you won’t be disappointed. It may take a number of times before you find someone who delivers, but when you do, then you can spend smartly.

I’m happy to share the name of the person who created the Fiverr video for me. Just contact us directly.

Any other secrets?

Check out the samples people publish.

Then compare the samples with what is in their profile. Often it is too good to be true. It is highly unlikely that a 20 something year old in India will be producing top quality work.

More often than not the video is even of someone else. So check the name and country and compare it with the person in the video. That’s a good sign to see how authentic they are.

But it really comes down to taking a finite risk – spend $5 to find out how good they are before investing more. Even more expensive gigs are still easily afforded by most businesses. Just don’t expect the first investment to pay off. Try again.