Fiverr is a great place to get a job done quickly and cheaply, but you can’t cheat the maxim:

you get what you pay for.

I think of Fiverr like Trash n Treasure – there are some real gems to be found but there is also so much rubbish to be bought.

So here are my 5 tips for Fiverr Success.

1. Don’t give up

Fiverr is a cheap lotto. You will spend money on Fiverr and receive a dud result. That’s reality. At this point there is a temptation to give up. Don’t.


– Don’t give up asking for a better quality result. Most Fiverr providers rely on you giving them a good response and are more than happy to fix issues.

– Don’t give up on Fiverr. Find someone else and ask them to do a better job.

2. Test the waters

Give somone a small task to do to test how well they do. For videos I will buy a single gig to see how they perform and then raise another job if I am happy with the result.

3. Be sceptical

No-one is going to put bad samples in their portfolio. The reality, however, is that many of the samples are copied from elsewhere, or are samples repackaged.

If the sample is of exceptional quality then be sceptical of the authenticity. Depending upon what it is, do a google search to see what it returns. Ask to see original work.

4. Conciseness wins

If you know exactly what you want then you have a much better chance of receiving what you are after. If you are vague then don’t be surprised when it isn’t what you were after.

5. Offload the trivial

There are a huge number of small trivial tasks that can be offloaded to Fiverr. Just make sure that you factor in the time it takes you to hire someone and check the final task. There are many odd jobs that lend them selves to a quick gig.

Also, once you have found the right person, doing it again becomes so much simpler.

6. There are some things you just don’t do anymore

While Fiverr allows you to outsource tasks like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a bad SEO approach can do you far more damage than good. I don’t think it is worth risking anymore.

I also think that poorly written material is damaging to your reputation. I have used Fiverr for blogs and articles but I am very picky about the countries where I will recruite people from and English needs to be their first language. Mass producing poorly written articles is also a practice of the past and you can’t afford to do it anymore.

7. Be brave

In many cases it is only a couple of dollars. Why not give it a shot.