What is a 90 Day Action Plan?

Good question. The full answer is in my 90 day action plan explained blog.

This quarter’s projects

Video Training

I have some white board animations being created for landing pages. So part of it is managing them. Fiverr is an awesome tool, but it still takes time to manage.

But I need to also make tutorial videos for eTemperature, logtag and wireless tags.

And I want to start making review videos.

So plenty of work to be done.

Web sites

firstaidkit.com.au has been the biggest task this quarter. It is really hard to make a site really easy to use, and I have been driving the developers hard to deliver on their promises. This is a site that I paid good money for the domain name, and will be investing in adwords, so I need it to be very simple to use.

And once that is out of the way, there are 10 other projects in the pipeline.

You will see “Web Sites” pop up in every 90 day plan.

Wireless tag reporting

I have outsourced the development of a reporting engine and now I need to compile it on my PC (much easier said than done), package it, document it, and release it.

This is a huge value add to the product and brings it up to a very high standard.

Email templates

I heard a great set of talks by Jesse Forrest at the last Business Blueprint conference and I need to change my entire approach to the email sequence I have for leads and customers.

Follow-up phone calls

Finally, this one is meant to be simple – just pick up the phone and call customers a couple of days after they have received the product just to make sure it is all fine.

But I still haven’t started doing it yet.

Maybe I should delegate it to Tim when he gets back.