This week I was interviewed for 7 News. It was a great business opportunity and within 5 minutes of going to air we had 300 people on our site and the immediate sales were great.

At the same time I know that the entire experience could have been better. While we were forewarned about possibly being on the news, in the end we were given 1.5 hours notice to find a venue, get the product ready, and then do the interview. We then had another 3 hours before it went to air.

This was for the FoodSniffer, a brand new product, and we didn’t have the web site ready yet. The result was a mad panic to have everything in place for the 6:33pm deadline.

So here are my 7 lessons:

1. 1 hour = 1 min

Filming took over an hour and in the end I was only in it for less than a minute. The scenes they shot were typically 30 to 60 seconds in length and were cut down to a single sentence or motion. So most of what you say and do will be cut out. Which begs the question, “what are the looking for?”

2. Golden nuggets

I think they are after “golden nuggets” – moments of natural emotion with a great sound bite. This then means that what is required is something that is incredibly short and concise.

3. Be clear on what they are going to present

The questions asked are a good indication of what they will be going to air with, but given how much is chopped, it isn’t a perfect indicator. The message that they go to air with is the message that needs to be on the web site.

4. Make sure you have an AdWords campaign ready

Even before the story is over people are Googling and you need to make sure that you are number one. Open the budget way up. I increased the budget from $100 to $1000 to $2000 because I was watching the traffic flood in.

5, Have remarketing in place

In my rush to get the web site up I forgot about remarketing and did not have the Google and Facebook components in place. That meant that I had only one opportunity to get their interest.

6. Have an offer in place

Marketing 101 is to have an offer that is too good to lose, with limited time, and close the deal. Over the next hour I had thousands of visitors to my site but I didn’t have the irresistible offer in place. The offer also needs to be directly aligned with what is being presented (point 3).

7. Be on Facebook

The discussion on Facebook was awesome. There were an additional 400k views, thousands of likes and shares, and 4,000 comments. That is customer engagement like never before for me. I brought someone in to go through the comments and it took hours.


Next time I am invited on air I will be more focused on being concise and “real”.

I will also try to make sure that I am going to the media when my marketing is in place, but in this case they approached me. It didn’t make me rich but it was awesome exposure and really pushed me to be rethinking my marketing approach.