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Tips for a job interview

The fundamental Understand what the job is, the qualities required, and the culture of the company. Everything else flows from this. For exa...

Breakthrough Advertising summary

A comprehensive overview of Breakthrough Advertising.

Rotten Food Cookbook Video

The Rotten Food Cookbook video highlights why the book was first written, and how one dish can change your entire reputation.

7 Lessons From My First News Appearance

We were recently featured on 7News nationwide. Here's 7 tips you need to know to maximise your success when your business is featured on TV.

Netball’s Folly That Pervades Businesses

There's a major problem in netball, and surprisingly this same problem occurs in business also. We show you what it is, and how to fix it.

7 Tips for Fiverr Success

Fiverr is a great platform to get jobs done quickly, but, you get what you pay for! Here's 7 practical tips to get the most out of your $5.

90 Day Action Plan – Q2 2015

What is a 90 Day Action Plan? Good question. The full answer is in my 90 day action plan explained blog. This quarter’s projects Video...

90 Day Action Plan – Explained

Dale Beaumont’s 90 Day Action Plan In a previous blog I did a review of Business Blueprint by Dale Beaumont. As part of each quarterly...

Instagram for businesses

The concept of using Instagram for businesses initially struck me as odd. In fact I am still struggling with how my own business could make...

Keeping business relevance

Business relevance While there is great debate as to how to make a successful company, a key part is being relevant to your customers. Rober...